Tectan® Edge Protector
Cargo securing has always been and remains a critical issue in general freight transport. During sudden braking maneuvers, there is an increased risk of accidents due to cargo shifting. Securing items such as paper rolls must be done through lashing, whether they are prone to tipping or not. To protect the edges of the rolls, suitable edge protectors must be used. Edge protectors made of Tectan® offer optimal product protection due to their special geometry and full-surface contact.
Side length: 50 mm
Side width: 50 mm
Article-Nr.: 25-3750
Side length: 50 mm
Side width: 100 mm
Article-Nr.: 25-3760
Side length: 150/100 mm
Side width: 140 mm
Article-Nr.: 25-3740
By incorporating paper fibers (secondary materials) that are 100% sourced from FSC-certified cultivation, fossil resources such as petroleum are saved and replaced by renewable ones. In the production of products made from Tectan®, no environmentally harmful impact on air, land, and water may occur.

Tectan® products are suitable for multiple uses, can be 100% recycled again, and can be used in the production of new products made from Tectan®
Tectan® is a new material for use in injection molding applications. The components of the material are paper and polyethylene.
Mechanical properties
Tensile strengthEN ISO 52718 N/mm²
Bending strengthEN ISO 17824 N/mm²
Bending modulus of elasticityEN ISO 1791.000 N/mm²
DensityDIN 543791,02 g/cm³
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