Core Plugs

To avoid damage to winding cores, it is always advisable to insert appropriate core plugs that offer ideal protection during both in-company and external transport. Core plugs made of Tectan® consist of paper and polyethylene. This mixture produces a material that is impact resistant and inherently stable and which is ideal for stabilizing winding cores. Tectan® core plugs have been successfully deployed in the paper industry for more than 10 years.

Edge Protector

Securing cargo properly has been and still is a sensitive issue for general freight transport. During a sudden braking manoeuvre, there is an increased accident risk if the freight shifts. Paper rolls, for instance, can only be secured by lashing them down, irrespective of whether or not they are in danger of toppling. In order to protect the edges of the paper rolls, the right kind of edge protectors need to be used. Because of their special shape and their wide surface pressure distribution, edge protectors made of Tectan® provide ideal protection.